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Access Instagram After Losing Google Two Factor Authentication (2FA)

instagram two factor authentication not working
instagram two factor authentication not working

Table of Contents for Instagram Account Recovery

Locked out of Instagram? Don’t worry. If your Instagram two factor authentication is not working, there are few options to restore your account access. It might take a few tries, but with persistence, you’ll be back on Instagram soon:

1. What is Google Authenticator?

Google Authenticator App for Two-Factor Authentication: Secure 6-8 Digit Code Generation.

Ever heard of Google Authenticator? It’s this handy app that amps up your online security with two-factor authentication. You’ve likely come across it when setting up logins for various websites. But what’s the real scoop on how it works?

Think of Google Authenticator as your digital guard dog. First, you log in with your usual password. Then, here comes the clever part: the app dishes out a random 6-8 digit code that changes every 30 seconds. 

So, why is this cool? Imagine someone gets their hands on your password – thanks to Authenticator, they can’t just waltz into your account. To get past the digital gatekeeper, they’d need your phone with the app and one of those constantly updating codes. 

2. Can I recover my lost Google Authenticator?

Google Authenticator creates unique codes on your device that act like secret passwords to access your online accounts. It uses a special encryption key stored only on your phone, not backed up anywhere.

So if you lose your phone, you can’t recover your Authenticator app or codes. But don’t worry, you have some options. Not being able to restore Authenticator directly makes your accounts more secure, which is good. But you do need backup plans in case you lose phone access.

It’s smart to set up backup verification options like backup codes or another trusted device. That way if you lose your phone or Authenticator stops working, you can still get into your accounts. Just stay prepared with backups and you’ll be all set!

Let’s get to the point now, we have lost access to Google Authenticator and we have to access our Instagram Account. Here are some alternative options, depending on the security settings of your Instagram Account.

3. How to Bypass, if Instagram Two Factor Authentication Is Not Working

Let’s discuss all the available options to open instagram without two factor authentication. Which method will work for you, depends on the security settings you set while creating your Instagram Account.

3.1- Leveraging Instagram Backup Codes for Account Recovery

Backup codes in case instagram two factor authentication is not working

If your Instagram Two Factor Authentication is Not Working due to any reason, don’t worry. Use your backup codes to get back into your account and disable two factor authentication on Instagram:

  • Step 1: On the device you want to login to, enter your Instagram username and password like normal.
  • Step 2: If asked for a Google Authenticator code, tap “having issues?” or “need help”.
  • Step 3: Choose the option to enter a backup code.
  • Step 4: Enter one of the backup codes Instagram sent you when you first set up two-factor authentication.
  • Step 5: If you entered the backup code correctly, you should now be logged back into your Instagram account.

If you don’t have the backup codes for Instagram saved, follow the steps below.

3.2- Using Another Device to Restore Instagram Authenticator

Alternative Method to Login if instagram two factor authentication is not working

If you still have access to Instagram on another another device, here’s what to do:

  1. On your device, go to your Instagram profile, then Settings > Security > Two-Factor Authentication.
  2. Turn on “Login Requests”. This lets you approve or deny login attempts on new devices.
  3. On your new device, open Instagram and enter your username and password only.
  4. You’ll get a notification to approve this login attempt. Approve it.
  5. You have logged into Instagram on your new device without needing Google Authenticator codes.
  6. You can either disable two-factor authentication or switch to using Authy instead of Google Authenticator.

3.3- Switching to SMS or WhatsApp OTP for Instagram 2FA Verification

Alternative Method to access if instagram two factor authentication is not working

If you set up SMS or WhatsApp as your 2FA while creating the instagram account, you’re still in the game. Let’s check out how you can use these trusty sidekicks to bounce back into your Instagram account:

SMS Text Code – Your Textual Lifesaver:

  • Stay Alert After Password Entry: Pop in your Instagram password like you normally would. Now, keep your eyes peeled on your phone’s text messages.
  • Lookout for the 6-Digit Hero: Instagram’s gonna shoot a 6-digit code straight to your SMS inbox. It’s like getting a secret passcode!
  • Enter the Code and Celebrate: Grab that code from your texts, toss it into the Instagram app, and voila – you’re back in business!

2- WhatsApp OTP – The App-Based Rescuer:

  • WhatsApp to the Rescue: Open up WhatsApp on your phone, or use the WhatsApp Web app if that’s more your style
  • Wait for the Code Popup: A shiny new login code should pop up on WhatsApp. It’s like getting a special delivery
  • Complete Your Insta Mission: Copy that WhatsApp code, drop it into Instagram, and you’re all set to dive back into your feed.

3-Lost Your Phone? Here’s a Plan B:

  • Reclaim Your Number: Contact your carrier and get your phone number transferred to a new phone. It’s like getting a new wand with the same magic!
  • WhatsApp Reinstall Trick: If you’re a WhatsApp fan, reinstall it and set it up with your existing number on your new phone.

3.4- Contacting Instagram Support for Account Recovery

Contact Instagram Help in case instagram two factor authentication is not working

Sometimes, the most effective solution for ‘Instagram Two Factor Authentication Not Working’ issues is to seek direct assistance from Instagram’s support team. Here’s a step-by-step guide to weave through Instagram’s support system like a pro:

Get Help from Instagram Support 

  • Open the Instagram app and tap “Get help logging in”
  • Select the option to take a selfie video to confirm your identity. This proves to Instagram that it’s really you trying to access the account.
  • For the selfie video to work, your account needs personal photos of you that Instagram can match against.
  • If you don’t have enough identifying photos, you may need to provide details like your last password instead.

Tips for working with Instagram support:

  • Be patient, it can take some time.
  • Give accurate info like your username and any verification details they request.
  • Check your email frequently, including spam folders.

Benefits of Instagram support:

  • Get help tailored to your specific situation
  • More secure recovery process

Things to note:

  • It can take a while to get your account back.
  • The selfie video option requires personal photos.

Working with Instagram support helps ensure the secure recovery of your account. Follow the process and you’ll get back into your account!

Struggling? Help is Here 🆘​

If you have tried everything and still unable to get into your Instagram Account, it’s time to take professional help. Book a free non-obligatory call with our Account Recovery Experts to find your options of getting back into your account. 

The call is 100% free, We charge $900 only if you decide to take our service for the account recovery. So far, we have helped more than 74 entrepreneurs recover their account. Check screenshots of a few account recovered below.

4. Prevent Future Instagram Account Lockouts

4.1- Multiple Authentication Methods on Instagram (Diversifying 2FA)

Image displaying a selection of Instagram's two-factor authentication methods, including SMS, app-based, and email verification, for enhanced account security.

Learn how to safeguard your Instagram account and prevent issues when Instagram two factor authentication is not working’.

  1. Set up multiple verification methods like SMS, WhatsApp, etc. This gives you backup options if one method stops working.
  1. Keep your contact info like phone number updated in Instagram’s settings.
  2. Save the backup codes Instagram gives you during two-factor setup somewhere safe. Use them if you get locked out.
  3. Keep up with Instagram’s policy and security changes.
  4. Avoid suspicious third-party apps or guessing your password too many times. Follow Instagram’s rules.

4.2- Generate Backup Codes to Secure your Instgram

Instagram backup codes let you login if you get locked out. Here’s how to get them:

  1. Open the Instagram app and tap your profile picture.
  2. Tap the 3 line “hamburger” menu in the top right.
  3. Tap “Settings and Privacy”.
  4. Tap “Password and Security”.
  5. Tap “Two-Factor Authentication”.
  6. Tap “Additional Methods”.
  7. Tap “Backup Codes” to see your codes.


Keep these codes somewhere safe in case you need them. You can tap “Get New Codes” if you use them up.

4.3- Set Up Trusted Devices

Image showing the option to select Instagram backup codes, a crucial feature for account recovery and secure login.

Trusted devices let you login without codes. To add one:

  • Turn on “Login Requests” in Two-Factor Authentication settings.
  • When logging into a trusted device, tap “Trust This Device”.
  • To remove a trusted device later, tap it and select “Remove Device”.

Trusted devices make logging in easier by skipping verification codes

Why Trusted Devices Rock

No need for verification codes every time you log into Instagram if you use a trusted device. It’s like having an express lane when Instagram two Factor Authentication is not working.

4.4- 'Authy' instead of 'Google Authenticator'

Consider using an authenticator app like Authy that securely backs up your codes to the cloud. If you get a new device, you can recover the Authy Backup codes.

Frequently Asked Questions

We require the following information:

Your Full Name.
Your Instagram Profile URL (if accessible. If your account is locked and you're unable to locate it on Instagram, we can still proceed without it).
The email address linked to your Instagram account (this is essential for the recovery process).
Case ID (if available): If you have previously contacted Meta Chat Support regarding this matter, providing the Case ID can expedite the recovery process, although it's not mandatory.

The cost of the Instagram account recovery service is $900. This fee reflects the significant time, effort, and use of personal contacts required to achieve results in this complex process. Each case demands an in-depth manual review, tailored to its specific circumstances, which justifies the cost of the service.

The maximum time frame is 5 working days. However, some accounts have been recovered in just 2 days.

We've successfully recovered many Instagram accounts and are well-versed in the process. We understand the appropriate contacts, the necessary information to share, and how to expedite the recovery procedure.

If your Instagram account access is compromised due to an inability to provide the 6-digit authentication code, there is a 100% chance of account recovery. For other issues such as hacking or deactivation, success varies on a case-by-case basis.

Google Authenticator is designed to prioritize security by storing all authentication data locally on the user's device. This means that if the device is lost, the stored data, including the access codes for 2-Factor Authentication (2FA), is irretrievably lost as well. In such scenarios, Google Support is limited in its ability to assist. Their inability to recover or reset the Google Authenticator codes from a lost device adds a layer of complexity to the account recovery process, especially for services like Facebook that rely on these codes for secure login. This fundamental aspect of Google Authenticator's security design, while effective in protecting user data, poses significant challenges if the device is lost or inaccessible

Instagram provides 8-digit backup codes, which are not compatible as 6-digit 2FA codes used by Google Authenticator, leading to a common misconception and recovery challenge.

If your Instagram Account is unreachable due to 2-Factor Authentication Issue, we guarantee a 100% recovery. However, in the rare event that we are unable to recover your Instagram account for any reason, we will provide a full refund without any questions asked.

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