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300% More Conversions with These Quick Ecommerce Fixes

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Screenshot showing conversion rate improved by 300$ for a Shopify Store

Improving conversion rates is crucial for any ecommerce business. But it doesn’t have to take a complete website overhaul or major development work. With just a few simple and quick optimizations, you can see a dramatic lift in conversions.

We recently increased conversion rates on an ecommerce site by 400% in only 5 minutes. How did we do it? By making small but high-impact changes focused on streamlining the purchase process.

Here are the 5 ecommerce conversion rate optimization tweaks that led to our success:

Simplified Checkout Options

Before and after screenshot showing cart page with multiple distracting secondary checkout options removed, leaving only the primary Shop Pay button.

On the shopping cart page, we removed secondary payment options like PayPal to reduce distraction. With the primary Shop Pay option already offered earlier in the funnel, additional choices become clutter. Simplifying to a single clear call-to-action is essential for a frictionless checkout experience.

Clarified Product Bundling Options

Before and after screenshot showing product bundle names changed from 1-sheet, 2-sheet, 3-sheet to Small, Medium, Large.

Originally, product bundle quantities were labeled as 1-sheet, 2-sheet, and 3-sheet. To improve clarity, we changed this to Small, Medium, and Large – terms consumers easily understand. Using familiar naming conventions makes the purchasing decision easier and boosts conversion rates.

Highlighted Call to Action Buttons

Our Add to Cart button originally had a low-contrast transparent background, causing it to blend in with the site design. Changing this to a bold colored button made the CTA pop and instantly drove more clicks.

Removed Unnecessary Site Details

Before and after screenshot showing multi-currency shipping bars removed to only show primary AUD currency.

Multi-currency shipping bars were displaying even though over 97% of orders came from Australia. Removing this irrelevant information prevented choice overload.

Must-Have Shopify Apps for CRO

Do you feel like you’re leaving money on the table? No matter how great your Shopify store looks, clunky user experience can cost you sales. But what if simple app add-ons could recover 30%, even 50% more revenue? We analyzed the latest conversion tools and uncovered the 5 ultra-optimized Shopify Apps guaranteed to skyrocket your profits. Stop lettng technical gaps sabotage your success. Learn how seamless integration with the right CRO technology will explode your Shopify earnings beyond your wildest dreams

Start Driving More Ecommerce Sales with Quick Optimizations

With these simple yet targeted changes, we were able to dramatically increase ecommerce conversion rates in practically no time at all. It just goes to show that quick wins can have an enormous impact.

What’s great about these types of optimizations is that they are low-effort but produce very high returns. We already have more high-impact recommendations planned for additional conversion lift. The key is constantly testing and tweaking to incrementally improve customer experience and your bottom line.

Want to rapidly boost your ecommerce conversion rates? Start with quick fixes that simplify processes, clarify options, highlight key elements, and remove distractions. Over time, these small changes add up to major improvements. Let us know if we can help analyze and optimize your online store!

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