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Understand Your Target Audience

If you want to run effective marketing campaigns for bariatric surgeons, start by walking a mile in your potential patients’ shoes. Conduct thorough research – surveys, interviews, the whole enchilada – to unwrap what makes different folks tick when considering bariatric surgeries..

Find out their top worries, motivations, goals, the real reasons behind possibly getting their Gastric Restrictive Surgery. Use those golden insights to whip up marketing campaigns and content catered to their wants and needs. Show you get where they are coming from.

And we know people freak out about messing with their health as they should! Ease their minds by laying out every single risk, plus all the safety precautions your bariatric practice takes. Complete transparency creates huge trust and reassurance.

See, your goal is helping people carefully weigh if bariatric surgery is the right move for their unique situation. Put their wellbeing first through open and caring communication. This support helps them confidently decide whether or not to pursue your program.

When you truly understand your audience and what matters most to them, you can create marketing that informs, inspires and builds robust connections. It’s all about that human touch!

Develop Brand’s Website

A bariatric surgery clinic’s website is like its digital storefront – it needs to impress and inform to turn visitors into patients. Since most folks research weight loss procedures online first, you gotta showcase your legit skills and services.

Start by packing your site with factual deets on what you provide. Flaunt that expertise! Optimizing with SEO helps people find you organically when searching stuff like “gastric sleeve my city”.

Build trust by rapidly responding to website questions, comments and requests. Show you truly care.

Also spotlight patient stories – with their permission, of course! Video testimonials can boost brand recognition and credibility way more than claims you make about your own clinic.

And don’t forget to make your site easy to navigate with seamless appointment booking, advice searching and even payments for supplements. Removing friction keeps visitors moving towards becoming happy patients.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Local SEO: “Optimizing Your Website for Local Searches”

If you’re doing lead generation for bariatric surgeons, you gotta make sure your website shows up when potential patients in your area search for “bariatric surgeon near me” or “weight loss surgery in [City Name]”. Here’s the deal – focus on nailing three things:

First, get your Google My Business listing fully filled out. Pop in your practice’s name, address, phone number, photos – the works. Responding to reviews helps too.

Next, work those local keywords into your website content where it flows naturally. Things like “bariatric surgery in [City Name]” or “weight loss procedures near me”.

Lastly, get reputable local websites, directories, and community resources to link back to your website. These local backlinks are gold for getting found locally.

Content SEO: “Creating Helpful Content on Bariatric Surgery”

You want your website to be a go-to resource for folks considering bariatric surgery. The more useful info you provide, the more the search engines will send traffic your way when people search related topics.

Educational Blog Post

So, start by writing educational blog articles that address common patient questions – risks, benefits, recovery timeline, and so on. Sprinkle in relevant keywords naturally.

Video content

Videos are hugely engaging too – walk through complicated procedures in plain language. The more time people spend watching, the better for your website.

Infographics and Visuals

And don’t forget visuals like infographics explaining surgery stats or the surgical process from start to finish. People love to share these on social media, which can lead to websites linking back to you.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising

Targeting High-Intent Keywords for Maximum Reach

PPC ads through Google let you get your services in front of folks actively hunting for weight loss surgery. Focus on keywords showing they’re ready to book a consult or learn more.

First, research keywords using Google’s tool to find high-intent phrases like “bariatric surgery consultation cost” or “obesity clinic near me” – these signal serious interest.

Then, write compelling ads highlighting why patients should choose you, with a clear call-to-action (CTA) to click your website link.

Finally, send those clicks to targeted landing pages with details on that specific service, and have a bold CTA to schedule a consult or contact you.

Driving Re-Engagement with Remarketing Campaigns

Remarketing campaigns target website visitors who didn’t convert. These can majorly boost your conversion rates by following up with your services pitch.

Use display ads to put your practice in front of visitors after they’ve left your site, tailored to the pages they viewed.

And create personalized offers to bring them back – like a free consult for folks who looked at your services but didn’t book.

Social Media Marketing

Leveraging Social Platforms for Patient Education

Social media is perfect for educating and engaging with potential patients. Share informative content that provides value.

Post regularly on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn on topics like health tips, bariatric surgery details, and success stories from your patients.

Also do live Q&As on social to answer common questions. This interactive format builds engagement and trust.

Maximizing Patient Acquisition Through Targeted Ads

Paid social ads allow you to target people more likely to be interested based on age, location, interests, and behaviors indicating openness to weight loss.

Use Facebook and Instagram’s options to zone in on relevant demographics and psychographics.

Catch their eye with high-quality images and videos in your ads – maybe past patient stories and before-and-after photos.

⏰ Facebook Ads Strategy Used To Generate 10,000 Leads For Bariatric Practice ⏰

Seeing genuine people like them, now living healthier and happier because of your clinic? That’s tangible proof that ignites hope and trust more than any flashy marketing claim could.

Here are a few of our learnings from generating 10,000 leads for our bariatric service clients at Branding Bytes.

1- Remember, people take bariatric service very seriously, just like any other procedure and they are happy to travel 50-80 miles if they are sure they will get a better service there.

The mistake people do with their ads is- they try to target a very precise location. I always use a radius of 70 miles from the practice and we get quality leads all the time.

2- The second marketing technique that has worked best for is promoting seminars, or webinars where you educate the prospects about bariatric surgery. They want to know everything before committing for a procedure. So, instead of promoting the surgery offers directly, promote online webinars first.

Or even better, before promoting a webinar, take them through a qualifying BMI test to make sure they if they are an ideal candidate for weight loss surgery.

3- The creatives that you use for promoting the seminar should always be a video, showing the doctor’s credibility, the team, and the premises. This increases the trust of the practice. 

We observed the cost per lead for a bariatric practice to improve by 70% when we promote a video introducing the team, showing the premised and ideally short clips of happy clients.

4- If you are looking for clients from other countries (if your bariatric practice is in Mexico and you are looking for US clients), always advertise services like free pickup from airport, free stay in 5-star hotels.
When the person is travelling from another country, he is looking for a complete package and would never be comfortable looking for a cab or hotel booking. So, offering these services position you better than your competitors.

Email Marketing

Keeping Your Audience Informed and Engaged

Email newsletters directly keep potential and current patients in the loop with valuable info, practice updates, and offers.

Include health tips, bariatric surgery news, upcoming events, patient success stories – mix it up!

And segment your list based on interests and where they’re at on their journey. Tailor emails to each group for better relevance.

Automating Patient Engagement for Efficiency

Drip campaigns automatically send emails when someone signs up for your newsletter or downloads a guide.

Do an educational series explaining bariatric surgery over several emails to address common questions and concerns.

Also follow up with interested folks reminding them to book consultations or providing extra info.

Building a kick-butt strategy for getting bariatric surgery patients takes some work – it’s not a one-and-done thing. You gotta stay on top of what’s happening in the market and what potential patients need these days. As their needs change, your strategy’s gotta shift too.

Organize live events

Nothing connects with potential customers like real face time with people whose lives you’ve already transformed. Invite former patients to share their weight loss journeys. Let attendees hear first-hand how your surgical procedures helped them ditch obesity for good.

Seeing genuine people like them, now living healthier and happier because of your clinic? That’s tangible proof that ignites hope and trust more than any flashy marketing claim could.

Plus, events give you priceless face-to-face networking with potential leads and health partners. The personal connections lead to sales down the road.

Sure, organizing public events requires financial investment. But when you raise your clinic’s profile and inspire community wellness at the same time? I’d call that priceless positive change that money can’t buy.

With a little creativity and TLC, your in-person events can work magic for growing your reputation and client base. Now that’s something to live for!

Luckily, you got some powerful tools in your corner – the latest and greatest digital marketing tricks like SEO, social media ads, email newsletters. Use these bad boys to spread the word, connect with leads, and guide folks through choosing your services.

At the core, always keep the patient first. Show them you genuinely care by educating, listening, and catering offerings to their concerns. Make the experience about their transformation and health. By hustling to create persuasive marketing campaigns, optimizing those efforts to attract qualified weight-loss surgery seekers, and strategically guiding prospects to book consultations, you can make a massive impact. Your work will draw in potential patients who stand to gain decades back from obesity-related diseases – helping them reclaim active lifestyles with their families once more.

This guide lays out a roadmap for the whole enchilada – attracting bariatric surgery prospects, wowing them with your practice’s compassion and expertise, and converting those leads into happy patients.

If you want an expert to handle end-to-end marketing for your bariatric  practice, you are at the right place. Book a free call to discover how we can help.

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