Abyssimo Art School

Abyssimo Arts School

New Student Subscriptions: 21,834
Advertising Budget: $360,000
Revenue Generated: $1,419,210


Mpompon is committed to providing fashion accessories and clothing for the whole family, of excellent quality, original and as well as providing cusAbyssimo Art School courses offer an enlightening path back to your creative spirit through expert guidance, uplifting content, nurturing encouragement, and a supportive community. Maria Fondler created the school because she believed creativity could awaken, empower, heal, and transform. tomers with satisfactory customer service.


One of the biggest problems an Online School faces is getting new enrollments at an affordable cost. Maria almost gave up on her advertising program because it was becoming too expensive to advertise at such high rates.


We created a complete marketing funnel for her, segmented the audiences, and then used the creatives that resonated with each segment. The better creatives, targeting, and marketing strategies helped us add more than 20,000 paying students to her school. We are still working and growing together!
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